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2017 DSE:數字標牌網絡創建五大研討會

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Digital Signage Expo 2017 to Present


Five-Part Digital Signage Network Seminars


(DS-360數字標牌網譯)Digital Signage Expo (DSE), the world’s largest international trade show and educational conference dedicated to digital displays, interactive technology and digital communications networks, will feature an entire educational program designed specifically for Digital Signage Network Operators or anyone considering creating a digital communications network, in its all-new five-part Digital Signage Network Seminar Program at DSE 2017 March 28-30, 2017.

博覽會(DSE)是世界上最大的國際貿易展和教育性研討會,致力于數字顯示,交互技術和數字通信網絡,特別為網絡運營商或任何考慮創建數字通信網絡的個人與團隊設立了體系化的研討學習計劃,其全新的五大網絡研討會將在2017年3月28 - 30日的2017年博覽會上隆重舉行。

Tuesday, March 28


9 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Digital Out-of-Home Strategy Summit

This full-day, eight-part strategy summit will examine the state of the digital out-of-home industry; how digital signage can use its captivating advantages to become the activator of smart cities; the future digital out-of-home trends; global insights; how to approach projects driven by customer experience; how to use analytics to measure and predict outcomes; best practices of omni-channel advertising; and generating revenue with programmatic buying.



Wednesday, March 29


8 a.m. Keynote: State of the Digital Out-of-Home Media Industry 2017

This session will provide the knowledge to make smarter business decisions; provide exclusive market insights based on historical, current and projected data, including key growth drivers; and provide a clear and detailed set of digital out-of-home media definitions.



9 a.m.  Demystifying Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home

Clear Channel Outdoor and its key partners will share how they have brought programmatic technology to our-of-home. The focus will be on the “how” behind what they’ve done, serving as a primer for the industry on how to bridge the gap between a traditionally linear and offline medium, and the way that advertisers and agencies are working today.


Clear Channel Outdoor和其主要合作伙伴將分享他們如何將程序化技術引入行業。重點將放在他們工作背后的方法策略,為當前行業如何彌補傳統媒體和新型媒體之間的差距提出合理的建議以及案例參考,為廣告客戶和代理機構目前的工作方式提供一個參考。

4 p.m.  From Broadcast to 1-1: Effective Engagement Strategies for Interactive Signage

This session will focus on how to structure messages to be effective for massive groups, while staying relevant to individuals for deeper experiences; how marketers can effectively measure return on investment for interactive signage campaigns and how those measurements can be compared to media other than our-of-home; and how companies can best manage digital display real estate both as a broadcasting medium and to create meaningful 1-1 viewer experiences.



Thursday, March 30


9 a.m.  How Ad Tech Companies are Helping Agencies and Marketers Buy Digital Out-of-Home Programmatically

This panel will explore how automation, mobile data, and ad serving is evolving to garner new digital revenue for DOOH media operators. Leading DOOH and mobile ad tech companies will share insight on how their technology stacks are transforming to connect digital screen inventory to digital buyers, while digital marketers will share their perspective on the space.



11 a.m Ground Truthing the Newest Technology for Audience Metrics

This presentation makes sense of the latest technological advancements in the audience measurement toolbox, including Wi-Fi, cellular data, beacons, facial recognition and object detection, among others. Attendees will learn what kind of data to expect, when certain technologies should and should not be used and how to ask vendors the right questions.



Registration for any of DSE’s Fundamentals seminars, or any of the DSE 2017 educational conference seminars, which are sponsored by BroadSign International and are eligible for Digital Signage Expert Group (DSEG) certification renewal credits, is available online at www.dse2017.com.

任何有關DSE(博覽會)的基礎研討會及2017DSE(博覽會)教育研討的注冊信息由BroadSign International贊助支持并有資格獲得博覽會專家組(DSEG)認證更新學分,可在此網站查詢:www.dse2017.com。

Mark your calendar now: DSE® 2017 is scheduled for March 28-31, 2017, with access to the Exhibit Hall March 29-30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. To reserve exhibit space contact Andrea Varrone at (770) 817-5905. For more information, visit www.dse2017.com.

該在你的日歷里標注啦:2017 DSE®(博覽會)將在2017年3月28—31日舉行,觀展時間:3月29—30日,地點:拉斯維加斯州的拉斯維加斯會議中心。預留展廳請聯系Andrea Varrone:(770)817-5905。更多信息,請訪問www.dse2017.com。

You can follow DSE on Twitter (@DSExpo) or Facebook (facebook.com/DSExpo). For all DSE 2017 updates, use #dse2017. For year-round news and information on digital signage, visit DSE’s Digital Signage Connection web portal at www.digitalsignageconnection.com.

您可以關注DSE微博(@ DSExpo)或臉譜網(facebook.com / DSExpo)查看有關 2017博覽會的更新內容,或搜索# dse2017。查看全年的新聞和信息,請訪問門戶網站:www.digitalsignageconnection.com。


About DSE


DSE, produced by Exponation LLC, is co-located with the Digital Content Show, and will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 28-31, 2017 with access to the Exhibit Hall March 29-30. DSE is the world’s largest and longest-running conference and trade show exclusively dedicated to showcasing innovative digital communications and interactive technology solutions for customer- and employee-facing organizations. Launched in 2004, DSE was the first event for the digital signage market and has been a significant contributor to the growth of this fast-paced industry. Professional end-user attendance represents decision-makers from key industry categories such as retail, restaurant, healthcare, education, hospitality and transportation, as well as other key stakeholders, including advertising executives, brand marketers and systems integrators.


More than 200 exhibitors feature technology and services including hardware, software, network, delivery and content from around the globe. DSE also offers the largest and most diversified digital signage and digital out-of-home educational program anywhere in the world, with more than 125 educators and the largest variety of educational opportunities, including a live installation tour and structured curriculum leading to professional recertification in eight educational tracks. The 2017 program will be comprised of 12 pre- and post-show educational events, 40 general conference seminars, including a specialized keynote presentation for each educational track, as well as targeted 42 industry roundtable discussion groups and 28 free presentations staged in on-floor theaters.


For more information, contact Communications Representative

Geri D. Wolff, Market Works International, Inc. (386) 447-0018

[email protected]


Geri D. Wolff, Market Works International, Inc. (386) 447-0018

[email protected]


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